Our primary intention is to income more and more. If you want to get online income by sitting home, Google Adsense is the best platform for you through which you can monetize your website and can easily earn up to 10 to 15 dollars. In this regard, if your website has a daily traffic of at least 2000, it would be better to earn more. So if your main objective is to earn through online, first page bulletin will give you Google Adsense Approval Tricks through which you can monetize your blog or website. Though apparently, it is very easy to apply on Google Adsense, to get the approval of it is not an easy task. Especially in the countries like India, Pakistan, and China, it is much difficult. Yet everybody makes their blogs or website only for earning.

Those are very smart and intelligent people who generally use some tricks to get the Google Adsense Approval. They generally use two tricks. It may be Paid traffic or some Blackhat SEO. They can easily get good traffic on their website if they use Paid traffic. The duration of it is not very long. This is rather not perpetual. If you target to monetize your blog or website, Google Adsense is the best ads network company. There is so many ads network present on the internet, yet the name of Google Adsense comes first in the mind of every blogger when they want to monetize their website or blog. Some people start blogging out of their inner passion or only to become famous in the world wide web. But the main objective of most of the bloggers is to earn money with Adsense. There are so many learners who apply for Adsense without knowing the rules and regulations of Adsense and finally, they get rejected. And, it is quite natural. So, in this article First page bulletin is trying to give you the reasons why does Adsense turn you down and how do I get the approval on the first attempt. Generally, when you are going to apply for the Google AdSense program some common questions will arise in your mind. These common questions are

  1. What are Google AdSense requirements?
  2. How to apply for Google AdSense Approval?
  3. Am I eligible to apply for Google AdSense?
  4. What will I do if Google AdSense turn down my application?
  5. Does my blog qualify for AdSense or not?
  6. Why does Google reject any application?

This article is going to answer all of your Google AdSense related questions.

According to the leading professional blogger Harsh Agarwal, google adsense approval depends on some little trick. You can visit Harsh Agarwal’s guide to know How to Get AdSense Account Approved for Blogspot with Little Trick.

If you want to get the Google AdSense approval, you can do it with the help of three things:

  • Blog/Website
  • Blogger/Blogspot
  • YouTube Video

Today we will discuss how do we get the approval from Google Adsense for our website or blog.

Some Common Reasons Why Does Adsense Reject An Application:

Design/Layout Issues: Blog or site with poorly designed or not complete design is thought as under construction. So if you want to avoid rejection, you have to make a good design which looks beautiful and charming.

Insufficient Content/Content Issues: If your blog or website does not have complete material or text, Google Adsense may turn down your blog or website. Also if your blog or website contains any illegal material like hacking, cracking or pirated software etc content, then your Adsense application will not be refused. It will be rejected in the second review.

Important Pages: In your content, it is bound to have some important pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us. These pages should be must in your every blog or website. So, it is your responsibility to apply for Adsense with the help of these pages.

Site Does Not Comply With Google Policies: Your content must be rich, unique, meaningful and with organic traffic. Your content should be helpful for the users. There should be no bad users experience or messy designs. Google does not allow any non-supported language. If you follow these literally, your application will not be refused. If your application is turned down, Google Adsense Approval team will send you an email, stating the reason why do Google Adsense team refuse your application. You should then work out on that particular point.

How To Fully Approve Google Adsense In First Attempt:


Traffic is an important factor. Your blog or website must be driving organic traffic. Before applying Adsense for your website promotion, you may use the buffer time, such as 3 to 4 months. The most necessary thing in the Google Adsense approval is the traffic. Without traffic, you can move not a single step. Suppose, you have got the Adsense approval but your site does not have traffic, then there is no use of Adsense approval. Your site should have organic traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and also from the search engine your site’s traffic should be up to 300 daily. In this respect, you should not forget that your Alexa rank should be below 10,00,000 or at least your site’s visitors should be 80 or 100.

Post/No of Content:

Firstly, you have to know how many posts do you have to post to acquire the Google Adsense approval. It may be 80 or it may be100 or even it may be of 30. There is someone who gets the approval by only writing 20 articles. Only one thing you have to keep in mind that your content quality should be excellent and word limit should be more than 1500 with some useful pieces of information.

Use Top Level Domain:

To earn the Google Adsense approval, try to use a top-level domain. If you are using a domain like .blogspot or .wordpress, then the chance of getting approved is very uncertain. You must have a custom domain to earn Adsense approved. There are so many websites like BigRock, Godaddy etc on the internet which offer you the facility to get the domain name at a very low price. You have to keep in mind that Adsense will never approve any blog or website with a subdomain. If you are interested to get the approval from Google Adsense, then I suggest you buy a top level domain name, such as NET, .IN.COM, etc. for your blog. You can go through my article regarding Different types of Web Hosting and their pros and cons for better understanding.

Must-Have Home, About Us, Privacy Policy & Contact Us:

This is one of the most necessary things and plays a vital role in approving Adsense. You have to confirm that your blog has home, about us, privacy policy and contact us. All these pages must appear on your every web page of your site or blog.

Image Copyright:

Do not use any image having a company name. If you do this, the risk of image copyright will grow gradually. Always remember to use “Alt Tags” in the image because Google does not read the image, rather it reads your image via alt tag.


If you wish to know how to get approved for Google Adsense with the help of webmaster and analytic, at first you have to create an account in Google webmaster/Bing and submit your site into it.

Blog Title And Description:

Though it is not much important, it is better to have a simple title and not a too long description. As Google Adsense team will manually check your blog, they can easily make out the content of your blog.

Remove Ads Of Other Ads Network:

It’s time to wipe out the other ads like Chitika, Clicksor, Infolinks etc. through which Google Adsense permits you to add other ads network along with it, it is better to wipe out these all other ads before you get fully Adsense approved.

SEO Friendly Design/Navigation/Layout:

Design of your site should be soothing and simple. You should use the design which may impress the reader. Also, you have to utilize properly the navigation of all pages so that the visitors and Google have no doubt to navigate the contents.

Traffic & Ranking Of Your Blog:

Traffic is not the most important point in getting Google Adsense approval. But without traffic how do you income good money with Google Adsense? When your main aim is to income money, then traffic is the most necessary thing not only with Adsense but also with other ads network too. If you are getting traffic from Canada, USA or any foreign countries, then there is an opportunity of getting Adsense approved.

Must Not Have Any Copied Content:

If you wish to get approved with Google Adsense, you have to stay away CCP that means to cut, copy and paste. When anyone does this, his/her application is not approved and your website will also be vain. This is a common fault that almost every newcomer in this field does.

Add Favicon To Your Blog:

A favicon is an icon associated with a website which web browser use them in the URL bar, on tabs and elsewhere to assist recognize a website easily.

Conclusion: If you are eager to get the Google AdSense Approval, you have to read the article. This blog will fulfill your objective. So, you can’t avoid this article, in case, you are willing to get the Google AdSense Approval. Just go through the article with patience and apply for the approval.